The Hip “Songs about books and flowers“ | reissue

by The Hip

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Александар Лазаревски - гитара, вокал
Миќо Илиќ - бас
Серџо Стојковски - тапани

Симено и продуцирано од Влатко Каевски во Cyber Space studio / Скопје, од 29-ти април до 4-ти мај 1994
"Interstellar Overdrive" снимена во живо во клуб „Ариел“, Куманово, 24 мај 1994 од Бојан и Орде
Фотографија: Марјан Јаневски


released March 2, 2016

© 1994 дискографска работилница Трот TRMC002 | 2016 Критика 012



all rights reserved


Kritika Skopje, Macedonia

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Track Name: Natural grace
Piping down the valleys wild,
Piping songs of pleasant glee,
On a cloud I saw a child,
And he laughing said to me:
"Pipe a song about a Lamb!"
So I piped with merry cheer.
"Piper, pipe that song again;"
So I piped: he wept to hear.
And the Grace is on
Makes all the grief be gone

"Drop thy pipe, thy happy pipe;
Sing thy songs of happy cheer!"
So I sung the same again,
While he wept with joy to hear.
"Piper, sit thee down and write
In a book, that all may read."
So he vanished from my sight,
And I plucked a hollow reed,
And the Grace is on
Makes all the grief be gone

Drunk with ecstasy
And I made a rural pen,
Fresh after victory
And I stained the water clear,
Dance and harmony
And I wrote my happy songs
Carried them whispering
Every child may joy to hear.
And the Grace is on
Makes all the grief be gone.
Track Name: The Rape
Swallows o, swallows
With voices cut and mouths shut
Flying, flying south
Death and raven drift above now
Rape, will my springs ever come?
The knees raised the knight is gone
Dirty eyes now can see me
Desert full of empty forms, Rape
Keep the dog far hence
Sweeney comes with all his girls
High in the air stands
Ruined flower, dark and bleak
Track Name: Bottom's Dream
I have had a most rare vision. I have
had a dream, past the wit of man to
say what dream it was: man is but an ass, if he go  
about to expound this dream. Methought I was--there  
is no man can tell what. Methought I was,--and  
methought I had,--but man is but a patched fool, if  
he will offer to say what methought I had. The eye
of man hath not heard, the ear of man hath not  
seen, man's hand is not able to taste, his tongue  
to conceive, nor his heart to report, what my dream was.

I will get Peter Quince to write a ballad of  
this dream: it shall be called Bottom's Dream,
because it hath no bottom; and I will sing it in the  
latter end of a play, before the duke:  
peradventure, to make it the more gracious, I shall  
sing it at her death.
Track Name: The Sick Rose
O Rose thou art sick.
The invisible worm,
That flies in the night
In the howling storm:

Has found out thy bed
Of crimson joy:
And his dark secret love
Does thy life destroy.
Track Name: Marina
Was this the face my wife?
Clearer than the sky it is
This face, this form, this life
Where all the waters run free
What has been lost before
Has to be found again now
O, my dear daughter
How I remember you, still
Track Name: Suicide
I said goodbye to the ground
As I was rising up
Many miles away from here
And nothing more
For the heaven’s eye so shy
The heaven’s eye so bright
Up in the blue sky
Look now down there
I can’t stand here anymore
It’s very heavy this way
Maybe I’m a little drunk
Like Christ with limbs in nails
Track Name: Spirit of the Age
Tell me is this has to be?
Tell me where do you wanna be?
Hunger and death and blasphemy
Terror, toil and tyranny
People full with fucking jealousy
Killing again, screaming agony
Sweaty faces, torching red
A dead man’s cheek I trust to seek
What the hell they’re living for?
Where all these lot is growing up?
Spirit of the age
That’s the spirit of the age
Spirit of the age
Is this the spirit of the age?
In this quest I suffered long
Like a sick man at the gate of death
It may have a water rat
It sounded like a baby shriek
And when I reached the other bank
I blew the horn on tower dark
Sweaty faces, torching red
A dead man’s cheek I trust to seek
What the hell they’re living for?
Where all these lot is growing up?
Track Name: Confusion Time
Who is this bloody ghost
Approaching to my sight?
The dark blade in front of me
Makes my soul scream in fear.
This is how the world ends.
The time it is for man to die
Bones are cold and blood is thick
Fair is foul and foul is fair
The smoke of hell now I smell
It’s better to burn down
Than to fade away
Track Name: Interstellar Overdrive
Space ship to the ground control
This is mission control
We are landing on Jupiter