Don't! Who? One. - Higherground

by Don't! Who? One.

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Владимир Каевски / сликар
Рубин Кантар / сонувач
Горан Апостолоски / сонувач
Венцислав Смаќоски / сликар

Горан Чапоски - кларинет на Through the Eagles Eyes
Билјана Беличанец - пратечки вокали на Clouds

Снимено во Cyber Space Studio, мај-септември 1997
Продуцент: Владимир Каевски

Дизајн на обвивка: Alter studio


Vladimir Kaevski / painter
Rubin Kantar / dreamer
Goran Apostoloski / dreamer
Vencislav Smakjoski / painter

Goran Chaposki - clarinet on Through the Eagles Eyes
Biljana Belichanec - backing vocals on Clouds

Recordered at Cyber Space Studio, may-september 1997
Produced by Vladimir Kaevski

Cover design: Alter studio


released August 2, 2017

2017 Kritika digital reissue 031 | 1998 Profundus PFCD 0298



all rights reserved


Kritika Skopje, Macedonia

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Track Name: Metropolis
Someone push the button and you drift in space
Don't ask me what is going to be
Things are quite the same to me
When you spell it again

Lust of the science and Christ's pain
Are building the city from a plastic bag
You might even think it's a beautiful to live here in vain
Despite that you're invisible being

Colours piling down in the sea
Letters and numbers useless thoughts
The glimps of the silver and platinium grace
Mechanical birds are up in the air
Waiting for the wizard to drive them away

Confusion for those who are insane
Devotion for those who have no brain
The spice of life in a paper cup
Tear the wail of logic and shallow sense
Memories sparkling out so rude and unkind

As soon as you believed that you're modern man
The garbage cans are gonna spit you away
Trying hard not to be a toy
But that' s the only way you could enjoy

The shield of the progress and the neon mind
The future is glidiing smoothly into a gadget gnoms dream
Utopia for those who are born again
Religion for those who are here to stay

Colours pilling down in the sea
Letters and numbers useless thoughts
The glimps of the silver and platinium grace
Machanical birds are up in the air
Waiting for the wizard to drive them away
Track Name: Clouds
Can't do it to you
I cant do it to myself

You can always pass me
You can always see me true

Take me to my highlands
Take me though and lead me through

Why I've been foolin
Cause i've been always dreamin too

And you can always tell me
To die for myself
Yes i can do some climming
If you take you self down to the sea

Take me to my highland
Take me to my growning hights

Take me to your highlands
Take me through and lead me through

Cause I can always leave you
Cause I can always see you through

I could never let you fall
And if i do you will know
Cause can always find the way
To take my life go mad

You can always find me
You can always find the way
Why i let you walking
Why i let you talking too
You can make me howling
You can never let me home
Track Name: ...for Ziggy
The sweet taste of air
and the martian sun
Climbes trough my spine line
Like the rage of thi sin
The unforgiven win
Throughout and within
Tho course of the light

I can't get it off my mind

The things that i do some people thing they are unkind

Some say it's logical
Some say it's weird
But where is the need

Five 'o clock in the morning
Comes on high heels and black lether
Silence buzzing out
Playing games with the times as always making my minds out

Cast out of dark sparcle
Of your eye and forehead
It won't take long
Just watch it flow
Well i don't know
What the people are trying
To do with their lives
To do with their lives

Here I'm
Dry in the sky
Just looking at things that go by
The same old story it's a scheme of the net
And i can't stay down

I can't get it of my mind

The things that i do
Some poeple thing the are unkind

Some say it' logical
Some say it's weird
But where is the need
Track Name: Secret - Between Now and Then
Hear me
Now i'm your light
You in your own world
Me in my own box

Trust me
I'm your childhood
No one can help you
No one can help me

Give me tears and sadness
Give me horns and tail
Give me one more chance
For destiny and past

How want to tell you
How i want to tell
Now the fire's out
We were losers
We were all the time
Track Name: Out of Use
Out of date
Out of use
Nothing will hold
Nothing for him

This life isn't yours
Heaven knows your world
Heven knows your fear
Heaven knows your world

To stay in the backround
It's all over with him
No longer the power
No longer the mind

Out of date
Out od use
Heaven knows your world
Heaven knows your fear

The strains too much
To pass away
To live behind
Too many pleasures